Local Cycling Group: Team Pain Train Cycling

As the first in a series of profiles of Sacramento area cycling groups and clubs, I’d like to introduce Team Pain Train Cycling.  From their own website:

Team Pain Train is a cycling team from Orangevale/Sacramento, California.  Our team was formed around the motto: “Never Give Up” after our good friend Lenny who was taken by A.L.S. but never let it slow him down shouting “all aboard the pain train” as he pulled away up a monster climb.  We ride in support of A.L.S., good friends, and good beer.


Judging from some of the content on their website, Team Pain Train seems to included some formidable climbers – with rides such as the Death Ride and others on their list of accomplishments.

While their achievements definitely show some seriousness (including a gold medal winning bench press in the WABDL Capitol City Bench Press & Deadlift Championships) their website also shows a lighter side to their riding.  I recommend checking out their “Bike Trail Crime Report,” you my just be surprised!