Looks like Cancellara will stay with Saxo … probably.

Indications are coming out – as reported by Velonation and others – that Fabian Cancellara will stay with Saxo Bank-Sungard for the final year of his existing contract.  There have been several rumor about Fabian’s possible signing with the new Luxembourg team of Frank and Andy Schleck, or of a move to the Swiss BMC Racing team.

The Luxembourg move, however, was probably driven more by wishful thinking of the fans of the 2010 Tour de France lineup that Saxo Bank rode with – this writer included.  With a majority of the team jumping ship for new waters – and many of them following the Frank-n-Andy brotherhood – it seemed a reasonable move to speculate.

Objectively, the move to BMC actually would appear to be the more likely.  Fabian, as the Swiss national champ, moving to a Swiss team as a certain logic to it.

However, Cancellara himself has been quoted as saying “”I still have a contract, so I probably will not switch teams”  Even with this in mind, the Velonation article again fans the fires of speculation by stating:

While he has a valid contract, some reports suggest that Riis may need to secure extra money to pay Contador and others. If this is the case, releasing Cancellara would be one way to increase the budget.

Presumable the possiblity of a BMC move will remain on the table – and thus open to speculation – up until the end of the transfer period.