Bloody cyclists & Celeb cyclists = Bloody celeb cyclists!

In my newly conceived (and doomed to fail) endeavor to somehow beat Cyclicious in the celebrities on bikes photo race, I’ve been keen to find something of my own.  So – while laughing my ass off over my morning coffee to yet another Bike Snob post I happened across not a photo – but a video!  Sure – the celebrity isn’t exactly on his bike here – but that is only because it was on his bike before finding the back window of a taxi cab. And he is bleeding! While celebrities on bikes are indeed cool, nothing will ever top images of bloody cyclists (like this, or this, or even this.  But especially this).   And it is not just pictures – it is video!

So – without further ado:  Bloody Celebrity Cyclist:

In the interest of full disclosure, it must be noted that Mr. Gordon-Levitt was only playing the part of a cyclist in a movie at the time of the collision.  It is not clear if the actor actually ever rides a bike – either with or without gears and/or cable operated brakes.