Diabetics get an advantage in the pro peloton … maybe

Cyclicious (www.cyclelicio.us) has a knack for finding cycling stories outside of the mainstream.  Well, that and being Johnny-on-the-spot for photos of celebs on bikes.  So it is no surprise that he would find a story about the US Military (DARPA) working to fund research into drugs to dilate blood vessels.

The body produces nitric oxide and releases it into the bloodstream to dilate the blood vessels when increased blood flow is needed. Dr. Stamler plans to research ways to deliver nitric oxide to the blood through inhalers.

The Case Western Reserve School of Medicine notes potential non-military applications to enhance blood delivery such as with “heart failure, ischemic heart disease, stroke, sickle cell disease and diabetes,” though I can think of a certain other class of users *cough*enduranceathletes* who might see a use for an inhaler that can increase blood flow and improve their athletic performance.


This could, however, create something of a moral delimea for me.  It may put into contention my desire to remain healthy as a diabetic (something I deal with now) with my desire to race competitively (something I hope to deal with shortly.)  It may present a real situation where medications that may help diabetics could also be banned for use by athletes due to performance enhancing characteristics.