MC SpandeX gets dirty

MC SpandeX has become something of a cult phenomenon among the cycling internet crowd with over 1.3 million views on YouTube.  His video “Performance” is a tongue in cheek humorous rap video simultaneously poking fun at both the roadie and the fixie/urban crowd.

Now, he’s back and taking pot shots at the mountain bike scene in another video “Get Dirty”

I seem to recall reading once that MC SpandeX was actually a Cat 3 racer out of Portland, OR.  However, I have not been able to find a reference to that information again.

Both videos can be found on the YouTube channel of Robin Moore, or at the website of Robin Moore Productions.  Robin Moore is, in his own words:

I grew up in sunny Santa Cruz, CA, and recently moved up to the frigid Northwest.  When I’m not cycling, rock climbing, and traveling around the world, I am producing/directing/editing videos.