The long road to Seattle

The Group Health Seattle to Portland classic is this coming weekend. What does that mean for me – it means I’m blogging from the highway (literally – while Melissa is doing the driving.) What does that mean for you? It means you can ride it vicariously through me, either here at, or by following my tweets on Twitter.

The road from Sacramento to Seattle wasn’t a straight, direct path has it has been in the past.  Started late on Tuesday night, stopping off in Medford for a few hours of sleep.  I was actually holding up on leaving Sacramento, hoping that my promised delivery of my Tour de Cure jersey would arrive so that I could take it along to Seattle.  By 7:30 pm – no jersey.  Oh well.  When I got to the hotel around midnight, I checked its shipping status:  delivered. Figures…

However, when I woke up in the morning and stepped out of the hotel room in Medford, I found what may be one of the coolest license plates I’ve ever seen.  Not exactly sure what if anything DTWS means, but I definitely get the “Share the Road” part.  Very cool, Oregon.

Old Town Bandon, Oregon

We took a nice diversion off of the boring stretch of Interstate 5 known as central Oregon to head over to Highway 101 at Bandon.  Beautiful town with fantastic beaches.

Then up the coast, through the Oregon Sand Dunes, and back over to I5 just south of Eugene.

Tomorrow morning I’m looking forward to getting up and scraping the bugs that have collected on the exposed bike parts mounted on the roof.  Really didn’t expect to need to remove bugs from the hubs of my front wheels, but so be it.

Until then – don’t forget to check out the #15mpd challenge!  Join up!