Is 40 the new 30 in the pro peloton?

Sure – there’s always been the older guys in the saddle of the grand tours.  But check out Team Radio Shack roster in the Amgen Tour of California.  You’ve got the guy the media as apparently labeled as “legendarily old” – Lance Armstrong (born September 18, 1971) and Levi Leipheimer (born October 24, 1973) – both into the latter-30’s “Do a beer add and start being a commentator” phase.  Oh but wait – there’s more.  Mr. Armstrong himself was nice enough to point this out in his twitter post:

I’d once again like to thank Jens Voigt for being the oldest in a race that I’m also in. Jens (9/17/71). Me (9/18/71). Hahaha!!

That’s right – my favorite rider in the Tour of California is older still.  But these guys seem to be counting off the days until the magic 40th birthday the way others count the centimeters on a Stage 3 sprint finish.

But the sprinters are still all young bucks – right?  Well, let’s look at the extremely exciting Stage 4 finish.  In third there was the 12 year old Mark Cavendish (well, actually born May 21, 1985). JJ Haedo (born January 26, 1981) pulled second wheel, and the stage win went to Francesco Chicchi (born November 27, 1980).  Hmmmm – looks like the older guys were faster to me.

Maybe bike riders are like wine.  I mean – Floyd Landis is an old guy too, and he seems to be pretty good at whining…