Nods to my doppelganger

They say great minds think alike.  In that spirit, I simply must acknowledge that there is, in fact, another JustAnotherCyclist.  And he seems to have a thing for fat, hairy Russians.

I’m speaking of the guy from Parma, OH that goes by the online moniker ‘SG.‘  His blog – The Fat Hairy Russian in American Flyers is BadAss – just happens to reside at the URL – clearly marking him as a man of intellect and taste.

Oh yea – and if you’re into big fat hairy Russians, SG’s blog has got a picture for you!

Sac press and Hal Grades on deterring bike theft

Sacramento Press has put out an article titled Tips for deterring bicycle thieves. Most of the article is repeating the “lock it, lock it, lock it” mantra.  However, urban cycling supports in the comments for the article took minor exception to the description of cycling as a sport.

Interestingly enough, the statement made by a Sacramento Police Offices – as quoted in the article – is one of some contention as well:

Try not to leave it in areas that aren’t well-traveled,” said Sgt. Norm Leong, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.

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Auburn, WA plans for cycling in its future

The Auburn-Reporter recently posted an article on the future of cycling in Auburn, WA.  Situated in a North-South valley south of Seattle, Auburn actually provides many opportunities for cyclists.  The terrain is basically flat around town, but has ample opportunities for reasonably challenging hills surrounding the valley for those that want to climb.  The local rail service – the Sounder – allows bikes to be taken on board, making bicycles a viable option for large portions of the region.  In addition, the Interurban Trail travels nearly 15 miles of the North-South corridor, providing yet more out-of-traffic travel opportunities.

With eyes fixed on the future rushing onward like a freight train — a future in which Auburn is expected to swell to a city of more than 150,000 within 50 years — Mayor Pete Lewis formed the Bicycle Task Force last March to study bike trails and routes within the city.

Task force Chair Terry Davis

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2011 Pro Cycling Team Presentations

Pro Cycling is, unfortunately, not very well covered on television in the US.  For most of us, that pushes us to either insane satellite TV receiver hacking, or the internet.  And for the internet, nothing is as valuable a resource as  You can follow them on twitter, or facebook.

And thanks to them, use yankees (and non-yankees, as the case may be) can catch a glimpse of the 2011 pro team presentations.  Even though we already know who will be on most of these teams, these presentations are still fun to watch.

Helmets and the “They Can’t Hurt” theory

I’ve said it many many times, I’m neither pro- nor anti- helmet.  My statements on the subject have been very accurately described by others as ambivalent.

I may, however, be changing my mind.  And you, dear reader, get to come along for the ride.

So to stop skirting the issue, I’ll state my opinion, as it exists today:

I don’t really mind wearing a helmet, but I really don’t think they do squat to protect me.  The risks the helmet protect me from are the same risks I experience when walking down the street.  I’m just as comfortable riding my bike without a helmet as I am walking across my living room without a helmet.

And that is when the “Say what” and “this guy’s nuts” comments come on.  “Clearly you’re safer with a helmet on.   It’s obvious.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron,” is another possible retort to my sentiment.

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Helmet Laws. That’ll fix it.

Ah bicycle helmets.  The topic that I just can’t leave alone.  While I try to remain non-judgmental to the choices of others, and personally can take it or leave it, I still remain decidedly against helmet laws.

Unfortunately, the folks that support helmet laws often throw out statistics without saying where they come from.

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Bicycle Superhighways

Easter Bunny.  Tooth Fairy.  Santa Clause.  Bicycle Superhighways.

One of these things is not like the others, but not for the reasons you may think.

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Cancellara rejoins Schlecks, Voigt, etc

After much speculation, a little strategic maneuvering, and then a final parting of ways Swiss time trial champion Fabian Cancellara has found a new home.   And the new home looks a lot like the old home.  Fabian has followed the Schlecks, Voigt, O’Grady and others to the new Luxembourg Team.  By my count, this makes him the 25th (and final) member of the team.    The timing leads to questions about whether or not Cancellara was waiting to be sure the team received their ProTour license – which in fact they did.

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Locksmith bike give-a-way

Sacramento area locksmith and safe company Bode & Bode are giving away a cruiser.  August 3rd they announced the contest on their Facebook page, stating “FREE RAFFLE TICKET W/ ANY $20 PURCHASE!!!”

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Floyd Landis, in what should have been a completely expected move, has chimed in on the Alberto Contador Clenbuterol issue.  Not only has he expressed his doubts about Contador’s explanation of the failed test, he has taken the opportunity to again point the finger to the UCI, reiterating his claims of wide-spread cover-ups.  Speaking to German television, he stated:

In the peloton, everyone knows that Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and other UCI officials have protected some riders, and not others, for the past 20 years.  It was manipulation, and their way of creating stars.

I still can’t decide – is Landis a press-hungry moron out to cause terminal, or is he becoming to doping what Kevin Mitnick became to computer crimes?  No matter what evidence may come to light, I suspect the answer to that will always be a mostly personal – and emotional – one.