Just Another Cyclist Merchandise

Not sure if it is an act of extreme market cunning, an indication of hubris, or just an excuse for me to start buying stuff with images I want on them, but Just Another cyclist is proud to announce the launch of the online store!

First off – before any one asks, no I’m not trying to get rich here.  I am, however, trying to offset the costs of running the website.  Even more so, however:  it is just a whole lotta fun.  My own personal Just Another Cyclist (JAC) merchandise is already in the mail.  I’m not only a writer, I’m also a customer.

Another advantage to taking the time to get JAC merchandise worked out now could potentially have benefits for all of you:  contests.

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Anti-bike propoganda

I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach in my bicycle advocacy efforts.  Below, you will find a collection of random quotes that I’ve collected around the internet – all of which advocate for a decidedly anti-bicycle mentality.  For anyone that has read more than an article or two here at Just Another Cyclist, it should be obvious that I will have objections and counter-arguments to all of these.  But for now I’ll post these below without commentary – save what is written hear in the introduction.

It is somewhat sad that many of these were found as user comments on the end of news website postings on cyclists getting injured or killed in vehicle-bicycle collisions.  In fact, the vast majority of these came from my own home-town paper, the Sacramento Bee.  However, as cycling supports and perhaps advocates, we must understand and acknowledge the opposing arguments, if for no other reason than to construct reasonable and rational counter-arguments.  Know thy enemy seems to apply.
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Folsom Area Sprint and KOM points

Part of the lure of the group ride is the friendly (or sometimes not so friendly) competition.  Many groups have taken on the racing convention of having marked places along the route for sprint or KOM (King of the Mountain) points.

KOMs are, by definition, at the top of significant climbs.  Generally points are awarded for the “category” of the climb, which is determined not only by the steepness and length of the climb, but also where in the route the climb falls.  For example, if two climbs follow one right after the other, but are otherwise identical, it may be that the second climb is of a higher category, and thus worth more points.

Sprint points are a little easier to deal with.  There’s a line, and the first person to cross it takes the point.  Sprint points can also be a little more dynamic and exciting – at least in my opinion.  As the group approaches a sprint point, folks will begin to jockey for position within the group, trying to place themselves best.  The idea here is to hold of on starting the sprint until just the right time – optimizing the potential to get out in front before your fellow competitors can answer your challenge.

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Team Liquigas-Cannondale’s new 2011 look

Where first we had only video with the kits blurred out, we now have clear pictures from the Liquigas-Cannondale team.

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Jan 10 Lunch Links

Collection of cycling related points of interest on the web.  How else should one spend their lunch time?

Seth Rogen appears on ‘Today’ riding a stationary bike.  Today is attempting to encourage their viewers to get into shape – apparently Seth is there as a representative of the hipster crowd.  There is even a reference to Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Speaking of PBR and hipsters – let’s play Bike Polo.  The overall rule is “don’t be a d***
New Orleans rolls out what apparently is their very first striped bike lane.  The result?  More folks riding bikes.
The unfortunate death of a descending cyclist marks.  Be careful out there friends.
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Build bike lanes – save our economy

Bike Lane Road MarkingsAccording to he folks at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Political Economy Research Institute, the construction of on street bike lanes can actually generate more jobs that other infrastructure projects.  At least, those appear to be the findings of a study titled “Estimating the Employment Impacts of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Road Infrastructure,” conducted in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

The study centered around comparing the number of jobs generated for every $1 million invested in each particular type of project.  The results showed that every million dollars spend on Pedestrian projects produced (both directly and indirectly) about 11.3 new jobs, Bike boulevard projects 11.7 jobs, and on street bike lanes produced the highest number of jobs at 14.4.  By comparison, road resurfacing resulting in new job generation of only 6.8.
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Revisiting an old crash

I think it was actually the last time that I had my GoPro camera on a Cycle Folsom ride that hit the tarmac – and caught it all on film.  Because of that it was something of a tongue-in-cheek act when I strapped my GoPro on my helmet again.  This time I was co-leading essentially the same ride with fellow Cycle Folsom member and ride leader Krysta.

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Another great cyclist blogger – and diabetic

You’ve read about my diabetes here on JustAnotherCyclist a couple of times.  I’ve even claimed to not write about my diabetes much on this blog (as I write about diabetes on this blog – yet again!)  Nonetheless, it is a huge part of my life by necessity.  So it was with some interesting that I happened across another cyclist and diabetic – and blogger.

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DIY Bike Snow Tires

It has been a secret desire of mine for some time to get myself some studded snow tires for my bike, and then drive somewhere where they are actually required.

But what about those poor folks that already live somewhere where they are required.  Or worse yet, those poor folks that wake up one morning to find that they are suddenly and unexpectedly required.

Don’t you fret.  The folks at Dutch Bike Co. in Seattle have got you covered:
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Let’s go racing!

Its 2011.  Its January.  And its time to go road racing.

We’re just days away from the kicking off the Pro Road racing season, starting with the Santos Tour Down Under.  We’ve got to get our fill too, because the UCI calendar has a gap between the TdU and the start of racing in Europe at Paris-Nice.

Early indications are that the Australian race will be picked up by Versus, giving all us Yankees a chance to get an early start on our love/hate relationship with the network.  Presumably we will get, at best, a 30 minute nightly recap of the days events, and at worst a 60 minute summary of the whole week on Sunday.

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