Amira Fakira gets 4+ years for hitting cyclist

Amira Fakira was sentenced to 4 years, 4 months in prison for a Jan 31, 2010 hit-and-run.  On that night, Fakira stuck cyclist Sanjay Patel while he was riding his bike home from work.  Fakira did not stop, reportedly dragging Patel for over a quarter of a mile.  He was not dislodged from under Fakira’s vehicle until she executed a three point turn after striking another vehicle.  Fakira never stopped of her own accord, but rather had her keys forcibly removed from her vehicle ignition at a later stop light by a concerned witness.  Fakira was reportedly under the influence of both alcohol and prescription medication at the time of the incident.

Judge Ransom responded to Fakira and her attorney’s request for leniency by stating “The court feels that even though you’re eligible for probation, there is no way in good conscious I could in any way shape or form, offer you probation.”

  • Mammalissa08

    Read this earlier from your post on FB. Seriously the way she acted in that video, hit and run, and never actually apologizing to the victim, she deserves longer than 4 years ( she will be out sooner than that with good behavior) The man that she hit was damaged more than physically, his wife divorced him and he has over 1 million in Dr. bills. Thank Maude he survived no thanks to her (she dragged him over a quarter of a mile) but thanks to the good Samaritan that chased her down took her keys and had his wife stay with the victim till help could get there.

  • Yearightwhat

    4 years? try 25. That might actually teach her a lseeon