Possible Flooding on American River Bike Trail

If you frequent the American River Bike Trail, be especially cautions for the next few days.  Engineers have begun releasing a large quantity of water from Folsom Dam in an effort to reduce the lake level.  They are attempting to create water storage potential in the lake ahead of the predicted stormy weather that is said to be heading this way.  This additional release may raise river levels as much as “4 to 5 feet” according to local news.  This will potentially flood parts of the bike trail.

According to the Regional Parks website:

American River Flows to be Increased Starting at 6 p.m. on Dec. 15

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will be releasing approximately 30,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) down the American River up from 15,000 cfs. This surge in water will result in flooding of low level land near the river, including areas near Discovery Park and portions of Howe Avenue River Access. Watt Avenue River Access and the Gristmill River Access will be closed to vehicles. County Park Rangers are alerting those in the area to move to higher ground. Visitors to the Parkway and bike trail should use caution and avoid flooded areas. Staff will also be monitoring river levels throughout the night to make adjustments to closures as needed.
  • Captronbeach

    Good community service on the Jedddia Smith trial here.

    Why don’t ANY of the cyclist in the clow suits…lol…ever look happy??
    Too intense, mahap cause of the $ wasted on the colorful awful looking clothes ya think? We should all be respectful of each other, share the trail with pedestrians, slower bikes, and not zoom round curves whereupon one makes it somewhat dangerous for all; this trail was NOT made for racing, nor for go-faster nuts in clown suits either, but for all to share.
    Remember 15 MPH this means you, ESPECIALLY you!