Get the Just Another Cyclist app

Just Another Cyclist is now in the Android marketplace – making it easier for you to keep up with cycling info right from your Android based phone.  This is somewhat of an experiment at this point – so give it a try and let me know what you think.  Just search for ‘Just Another Cyclist’ in the marketplace.

  • Jack1

    I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I want to go on the record saying that phones and bikes are a bad combination.

    I know, I know, there are some cool things your phone can do for you while on your bike. And I’m sure my cyclometer (or GPS, if I owned one) could be just as distracting as a phone while mounted on a bike. But the more I see mounts for iPhones and apps that do this, that and the other cool thing, the more it seems we become distracted. That cannot be a good thing.

    I bet many of you out there have been or have almost been hit by a distracted driver (read looking at their phone or something else). I suggest we need to keep our eyes up and our heads clear while riding -anywhere.

    Track your miles, track your routes, have fun with all that, but analyze your data one you are home and your bike is in the garage.

    Ride safe.