A view of my commute to work

It has been a while since my job switch, and things are starting to settle into a routine (which also means I’m getting back up to speed with regular posts here!)  Of course, being JustAnotherCyclist would require me to post the obligatory commute to work video.  Well, here it is folks.  This was taken with my GoPro camera mounted on the handlebars of my Cannondale R300 commuter.  I set the camera to take one shot every 3 seconds, and stitched them together into this short video.


  • That HD looks marvelous. Needs music!

    • Yea – I totally agree on the “needs music” sentiment.

      It has been a long time since I really thought about video for the web, and can’t recall some of the places I went to for royalty and license free tunes. I’m planning to got find something soon and will update it.

      Corny, I know – but I actually had “Flight of the bumble bee” in my head. Probably due to the “sped up” nature of the sequence.

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