Rumors of Shclecks, Radio Shack and fallback plans

Rumors abound.  I know it.  You know it.  And when the Tour de France ends, all cycling fans suddenly know it.  Yea – even here at JustAnotherCyclist it is easy to fall prey to a rumor (or two.)

But on the other hand – who can pass on a good rumor.

And what better way to feed a rumor than with a plausible failure scenario.  That is exactly what Frank and Andy Schleck are facing with their new Luxembourg team.  There are no guarantees that a new team will receive a UCI pro license and actually be able to race in major event.  Hell, even if you do get a pro license these days there are no gaurantees that you’ll be able to race – as Bruyneel learned when Team Radio Shack was denied entry into the forthcoming Veulta a Espana.

So the possibility that the new Schleck team won’t get a pro license is very real.  So what will the second place finisher in this year’s Tour de France do if that happens?  Apparently he and his brother will invoke their fall-back contracts and ride for Team Radio Shack, potentially filling the shoes of the now retired (again) Lance Armstrong.

Well, that’s the rumor at least.

  • plochman

    WOW, 5 days, you’ve come too far to go back now brother ! You’ve done it man, just keep carrying the can around with you for those OMG Freak Out moments and you will be just fine. After a month or so the crap in the can will be dried up and you can keep it as your trophy as the day you took your life back. So proud of you man. Its been about five years since I quite and I just laugh when I go to Walmart and see the Skoal cans for like $ 6.00 or something, I’m like darn, I spent a fortune on that crap. Good job, keep it up. Plochman

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