Its OK Andy – I won’t shop at Mike’s Bikes any more

Hopefully Andy Schleck doesn’t shop at Mike’s Bikes.

I’ve actually shopped at this chain of bike shops quite a few times – the one here in Sacramento is actually quite nice with a great, friendly staff.  So I decided to check out the merchandise that they had on their website trying to show my daughter some of the options available for her Single Speed project.

Unfortunately, my window browsing excursion was shortened when I ran across this monstrosity of an ad on the Mike’s Bikes website:

OK.  So I guess this is supposed to be somehow funny?  I just don’t get the joke myself.  So, what – if Andy had gotten a proper tuneup from Mike’s Bikes then he wouldn’t have dropped his chain and may have won the Tour de France?  Is that the implication?

Sorry, Mr. Mike (if that is your real name) but think what you want about the chain incident in the Tour de France, no one but you is implying that it was due to a faulty tune up.

I’m looking for my daughter’s wheels somewhere else now!

Disclaimer:  This post is only partially tongue-in-cheek, partially humorous, and partially thought out.


  1. Ad456 says:

    Trying to figure out why this offends you so much. Really, what’s the big deal? Even if it’s not funny, does it actually make you that mad??

  2. The post itself was intended to be, well, not so serious – see the disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

    I think we can all acknowledge that the chain dropping incident was not the result of Andy himself doing a poor tuneup, and thus it would not have been avoided had Andy attended a Mike’s Bike tuneup class.

    This really was just an Andy Schleck fan, poking fun at an ad that poked fun at Andy Schleck.

  3. Cyclelicious says:

    Tell me what you think of the Schleck vs Contador ad from Specialized?

  4. Funny – the post I did about that video – which isn’t much more than just showing the commercial from YouTube without commentary – is quickly becoming on of the most popular here on the site.

    I actually think the commercial is brilliant. From a marketing standpoint it is pure genius – but Specialized pretty much had the advertising served to them on a silver platter during the Tour de France with both Astana and Saxo Bank riding their bikes.

    That aside, I think it was a great the way they played off of the competition between the two riders in a funny way.

  5. rapunzel says:

    Hmmm, sounds like my next bit of mad money may be going toward some Smith eyewear!  (Hopefully, my current ones last till new ones come in.)

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