Is the torch passing to Phinney?

News from the front lines of the Tour of Utah may be a signal of things to come next year:

Currently Leipheimer is riding – not for Team Radio Shack – but for Mellow Johnny’s, while Phinney is riding for Trek-LIVESTRONG.  Phinney’s team is a U23 development team – but Phinney has already ridden with Team Radio Shack in pro races this year.

Shall we look to Phinney to take the leadership position at Team Radio Shack in the years to come?  Only time will tell.  However, while besting Levi in the TT is indeed an impressive accomplishment, the GC landscape in the Tour of Utah shows the larger disparity between the riders.  Leipheimer was sitting in first place at the start of the day of the TT, which Phinney back in 101st place, 34’46” behind.

However, Phinney is sitting in second place in the sprinter’s competition, behind Fly V Australia’s David Tanner.  A strong track background such as Phinney’s is a huge advantage in sprints and TTs – but the mountains are where stage races are won.

While the final results from Stage 3 have not yet been published, Leipheimer would appear to still be comfortably in first place after his second place TT performance.

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  • rapunzel

    Happy Bday, David!  (And fellow Gemini. 🙂


    Okay, I have been looking at these for a couple of months.  One of the reasons, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet is the color of the lenses.  I’ve had electric blue lenses for sunglasses in the past, and I don’t care for how that messes up the color of the real world.  (This is especially important while riding when I need my vision to be as clear as possible w/o the summer, southern sun baking my eyes.)  So – do these lenses do that?  Or is that color on the exterior of the lens only and what I see looking through the other side more true-life colors?


    Any comments on the noise piece strength?  I’ve been wearing PB’s brand of sunglasses (w/the changeable lenses), and the noise piece has broken many times with very little tension placed upon it.  (That’s been frustrating to replace it…or the entire sunglasses set each time….and expensive.)