Oh man have I got a commute for you!

I’ve yammered on a bunch about my 125+ mile, 3 day a week Sacramento to Palo Alto commute.  In a couple of Follow Ross to Work Day posts, I’ve detailed my use of my bike, trains and busses to make the commute – keeping me out of the car and out of I80 / I680 traffic.

But now I’m going to mix it up a bit.  August 22 I’ll be doing my Sacramento to Palo Alto commute entirely by bike! Some of the more observant among you will notice that Aug 22 is actually a Sunday.  Well, I’m not quite ready to do a 134 mile bike ride prior to a full work day, so I’ll stay Sunday night in Palo Alto or somewhere near there.

This will also be a rather big test of the bike functionality of Google Maps, which has laid out a supposedly safe bike route for me.  Of course you can expect tweets and posts here about the conditions, cursing the delta breeze, and probably some video from the Benicia-Martinez bridge.

Stay tuned!


  1. murphstahoe says:

    You need to start taking the 4:30 AM train from Sac, then BART from Richmond to 24th/Mission, and join a 7 AM SF2G ride to Palo Alto. Sometimes the ride is 6:30 AM, sometimes 7 AM, I'll call a ride just for you if you RSVP.

    Never have quite figured out your exact commute route. Are you switching at Richmond to BART, then to Embarcadero to Caltrain? Any consideration of just taking the Capitols to Fremont and riding over the Dumbarton? You could join Steve Saeedi.

  2. delducra says:

    Huh – that ride sounds kinda interesting. I didn't actually know that existed as a regular thing. 4:30 is kinda hard for me, though – that would be me getting up at 3am. I'll definitely do it at least once, though.

    My normal route is Capitols to Emeryville, and then Amtrak bus across the bridge right to the Caltrain station. When I get in late, though, the bus route stops at the Ferry terminal first, and I can jump off there and ride to 4th & King faster than the bus will get me there – and it is usually the difference between the 11:07 or 12:07 trains leaving SF.

  3. murphstahoe says:

    11:07 – explains why I never see you.

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